Hurricane Ian Update

With the impending arrival of Hurricane Ian in Florida, we would like you to know that it is our goal to shelter in place unless ordered to evacuate by authorities. Families will be notified by each community regarding specific plans should evacuation occur. Our communities are equipped with large generators and sufficient fuel supplies in the event of loss of power. Our company philosophy is that residents will be better served, safer, and less anxious if they are able to stay at our communities in familiar surroundings with staff available to see them through the storm. Residents may also want to stay with family members and if this is the case, please arrange with the on-site team at their community. Please feel free to speak with the Executive Director or any of the Senior leadership at the community if you have questions. Best regards and stay safe. We will update after the storm has passed.

What You Need to Know About Veterans Aid and Attendance Benefits

What You Need to Know About Veterans Aid and Attendance BenefitsMany families overlook the Aid and Attendance Benefits that are available. We put together some bullets to ensure individuals are aware of the Aid and Attendance benefits that are available to veterans who are interested in assisted living.  Here are a few important items to note if you or a loved one is considering senior living and are a veteran or married to a veteran.

The Wartime Veteran must have:

The surviving spouse must:

A Veteran is eligible for up to $1,788 per month, while a surviving spouse is eligible for up to $1,149 per month. A Veteran with a Spouse is eligible for up to $2,120 per month and a Veteran with a Sick Spouse is eligible for up to $1,406 per month. (Source -

This information is only a summary of Veterans Aid and Attendance Benefits and actual costs will vary depending on history.  For more information on what assistance is available to you or your loved one, call Allegro to talk to one of our Senior Living Advisors.

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Your Family Decision Toolkit

Deciding on a senior living community is a journey filled with many questions. We are here to provide you and your family with the answers you need before finding the community that fits your lifestyle.

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Your Guide to Memory Care

The sheer number of senior living options can be overwhelming for older adults and their children. It's important to know the facts about each one in order to determine which is the best fit for you or a senior loved one.

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