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Connected Living

At Allegro, we believe in cultivating a community that gives our residents the opportunity to enjoy what they are passionate about. Connected Living offers technology-based solutions to help our communities build an environment where residents can stay connected to one another, their loved ones and the Allegro staff.

Our goal is to ensure that our residents live their lives to the fullest each day with no worries attached. Connected Living gives our residents and their families peace of mind knowing their loved ones will be well connected through innovative communication technology.

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Download our free Connected Living Community Mobile App for access to important community updates and upcoming events, activity recaps and photos, and experience the meaningfulness of everyday life at our community!

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Communicate with ease

Services like the digital signage, in-room tv channel and Engage CLC  mobile app, our residents, family and friends, and team members have access to communication/engagement (literally) in the palm of their hand.


Deepen Connections

Our residents, family and friends, and team members unified by a desire to engage with meaning every day through photo and video sharing, video conferencing, live streaming, etc.


Real-Time Updates

And probably, most importantly, CL give us the opportunity to deliver real-time community information, anytime, anywhere.

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Couple video calling their family.

Technology for Everyday Life

Living a robust and active life begins with meaningful relationships. Connected Living gives our residents the opportunity to check daily tasks off their list and communicate with loved ones through purposeful technology such as our TEMI Robots. Our Connected Living products provide residents with these benefits:

  • Scheduling doctors’ appointments
  • Medication reminders
  • Viewing community calendars
  • Communicating directly with family and friends
  • Participating in virtual events and fitness classes
  • Maintaining security with smart home technology

Resident Engagement Options

Connected Living provides our residents with technology solutions for engagement and overall connection with others. We offer this technology to our residents:

  • TEMI Personal Robot
  • Mobile App
  • In-Room Voice Technology
  • Smart Home Appliances
  • In-Room Engagement with Apple TV
  • Online Residents’ Network
  • Calendars and Newsletters
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Woman using a laptop computer.

Connected living is Now Avaliable at All Communites

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My mother was able to remain independent despite a decline in her eyesight and she was able come and go as she pleased, while also having the luxury of a being driven with other like-minded residents regularly to the grocery store, church activities and doctor’s appointments. She began to make friends and developed a great balance of interacting with others at monthly birthday celebrations, or remaining in her beautiful, clean apartment when she wished to do her own thing. We could have never predicted the past year and how seniors would be affected by Covid-19. At first, I was very nervous about how all would play out. However, it became evident that the management team, as well as every single member of the staff was dedicated to the physical and mental health and well-being of each resident. They adapted safety protocols swiftly and PPE and temperature checks were implemented and all was communicated quickly, efficiently and always with love. As I was not local, the staff coordinated Facetime calls for me to speak with my mother, made holidays in quarantine special and kept her laughing. I highly recommend Allegro Hyde Park to all families as it is a beautiful senior living community full of wonderful residents and a committed, caring, smart staff that is unmatched. If you’re thinking about a special place for your parent or loved one, you need to visit Allegro Hyde Park!

Dorree Gurdak Family Member
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Our Reviews Speak for Themselves

Employees are friendly and helpful and care about their residents. Lots of fun daily activities for residents and family members to partake in and honors Veterans and their families. Check out their Wall of Honor when you visit, best one in town!
Heather Carelli Family Member
My Mom has lived there for over two years. The staff is professional, friendly, caring and responsive. They go out of their way to personalize the services provided. My mom has had to go to the hospital twice. On both occasions, the staff handled it perfectly. They called me immediately and calmly and reassuringly apprised me of the situation. They followed up completely, including coordination of her return transportation, medications and needed physical therapy. And, the place is beautiful. It looks like a fancy resort. The food is wonderful and they even have the friendliest bartender in town!
Lissa Hornstrom Family Member