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At Allegro Senior Living communities, you’ll discover the joys of inspired senior living. We care a lot about the people we serve. So we work hard to help you continue to enjoy friends, family, hobbies, and to provide all the little things that make your life meaningful and unique. Our warm, comforting and engaging environment will delight you every day. Demand the best for the rest of your life. Live the Inspired Life at Allegro.

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Some say to age gracefully is to simply accept that you are getting older instead of fighting against it. Others say it’s about finding ways to make sure aging doesn’t stop you from living the life you want.

We think it's a bit of both.

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Top 10 Reasons To Visit in 2019

2019 is gearing up to be a memorable year for our communities.  As we enter the new year, here are our top 10 reasons to visit one of our communities and talk with one of our senior living advisors.  Whether or not you are considering a move to a senior living community this year or further down the road, we hope you will come by to learn more about inspired living. To Enjoy Your Surroundings Our communities are beautifully designed with luxury accommodations and cozy residences.  Allegro's newest community in Richmond Height is now open. We invite you to take a virtual tour of the community here.  It is even more impressive in person, so come by for a visit. To Celebrate Allegro knows how to throw a celebration. Whether it’s Valentine’s Day or National Donut Day, we always find a reason to celebrate. After all, life is too short not too. Here are some pictures of residents in Boynton ringing in the new year together. To Experience Inspired Living Allegro plans to continue evolving our lifestyle programming in 2019 to align with the needs of today’s seniors. This includes investing in platforms to improve real-time communication between associates and families, events that speak to local market flair and culture, and new technology to assist in the planning and organizing of event calendars and internal resident communication. To Relax Many of our communities offer a full spa including salon & barber services. Residents enjoy the convenience of having these services close by but we welcome others to join us for a day of relaxation and pampering. To Find Passions and Hobbies In many ways, the lifestyle experiences our communities offer reflect Allegro’s company values. Experiences are intended to honor and celebrate residents and provide opportunities for them to live in a meaningful way. Finding a purpose in life is a big part of graceful aging. Research suggests that having a sense of purpose can help you live longer, reduce stress, lower blood pressure and decrease depression. Source: Rush University Medical Center. To Be Cared For Residents can relax and feel secure knowing our caring staff is available should they need extra help with daily living. Visit our website to read more about independent living, assisted living and memory care. To Enjoy the Art of Dining An emphasis on fresh cuisine, unique and seasonal menu options, and nutritional ingredients that cater to the precise needs of seniors are all components of Allegro’s first-rate dining culture. Dining is not just a meal but rather an experience for residents to enjoy and savor. To Laugh With Friends  Our residents know how to have fun.  Residents often remark that happy hour is their favorite time of the week and the event they look forward to most. Research has found that maintaining social connections as you age has a number of health benefits including a slower rate of memory decline, and senior living communities are taking note. To Meet Our Residents We have exceptionally talented residents who have amazing stories to tell. Even if you aren't planning to live at one of our senior living communities, come by and spend some time with one of our community ambassadors. Many of our residents are world travelers, musicians and military heroes. Hear first-hand from our residents on what life is like in the community.

To Be Inspired
Our associates are shining stars of our communities and inspire us every day. Come by to meet the community team near you in person. Visit our website at to find a senior living community near you and schedule a visit today!…

veterans day
Life Lessons

Meaningful Ways to Celebrate Your Loved One on Veterans Day

To the brave men and women who served in the U.S. Armed Forces, we honor you and your families this Veterans Day… and every day. Veteran's Day is on November 11th. There are 9.2 million veterans age 65 and older, who are beyond deserving of recognition and appreciation for their service. Here are several purposeful ways to celebrate this special time with a veteran loved one.

Accompany the veteran to a Veterans Day parade, a luncheon or a national park.

Parades are usually the biggest and most colorful way to spend the day. Many restaurants offer a free meal for ex-service members. A National park is a fun place to enjoy nice fall weather. The parks have free entry on this day.

Enjoy a special family gathering at home.

Raise a flag, tell family stories, play games and sing patriotic songs. It’s okay for family and friends to ask your veteran loved one to tell his or her favorite military stories. This can be a touchy subject, but the key is to be thoughtful with your questions. Your loved one will say as much as he or she feels comfortable. Search here for a list of questions you can ask and questions you may want to hold off on asking.

Seek out a veteran at home.

Offering your time is a small sacrifice to pay, especially for someone who may not be able to get around as much. Loneliness is a growing concern among older adults that can lead to increased health risks. Companionship will add a meaningful emotional contact for you and the veteran. You may take over a home-cooked meal, help to mow the lawn, run errands, or simply sit with the veteran and enjoy a favorite movie or television show. Be familiar with the difference between Veterans Day (honoring those who served) and Memorial Day (honoring those who passed away while in the service). Avoid wishing a former service member “Happy Memorial Day,” when he or she is still very much with us.

 Visit a senior veteran in senior housing.

Senior living communities have a variety of special activities to celebrate Veterans Day. Many of the residents welcome the chance to socialize and share their experiences. Check out what’s happening at your neighborhood assisted living or other senior housing community. Be sure to wear your favorite red, white and blue and bring along a game, photos, or home-baked goodies.

Help a veteran check with the Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) for any unclaimed benefits.

Aid and Attendance is one such financial benefit that is often overlooked. This benefit assists veterans 65 and older, or a surviving spouse to pay for care in the home or senior housing. If an older veteran is considering senior housing, you may contact a trusted senior living advisor with Allegro Senior Living for answers to basic VA benefits questions. Or, seek help from a VA-accredited veteran advocate known as a Veteran Service Officer (VSO). If time and distance don't allow you to spend time with a veteran loved one in person, consider reaching out in other ways:
  • Phone
  • Letter
  • Care package
  • Card
  • Photos
  • Email
  • Facetime
As we approach November 11, Veterans Day, taking ten minutes or ten hours to recognize how much someone who served means to you can make a positive difference in your loved one’s life, and yours too. What’s one way you can think of to honor a veteran this Veterans Day? Allegro Senior Living communities are busy preparing to honor veterans on Veterans Day. Check out your local community to find out what activities are available.…

2017 Associates of the Year Awards

Each year Allegro recognizes outstanding associates at our communities. Winners are nominated by peers and selected by a unanimous panel of judges. One of our company values is ‘We Commit to Excellence’ and these associates bring this value to life.

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