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Top 5 Innovative Tech Gifts for Seniors in 2017

Finding the right gift for seniors in your life can be challenging. While techy gifts may not be at the top of your list, these innovative devices can be meaningful and helpful to seniors. Technology is now available to address everyday stresses in seniors lives such as safety, health, and companionship. Don’t let the senior in your life be intimidated by emerging technology and consider one of these gifts for him or her this holiday season.


Gift Option #1 – WiseWear ($295-$345)

Benefit to Seniors: Safety and Convenience

Think of this as a Fitbit specially designed for seniors. This smart jewelry tracks your heart rate, calories and sleep patterns like most popular fitness devices. Connected to a smartphone, it also provides notification features for incoming calls and important alerts, such as medication reminders. The sleek aesthetic design is replacing traditional plastic button panic devices. The difference is the safety feature. The user taps the bracelet 3 times to create a distress signal that is sent to the emergency contacts linked to the device. Your exact GPS location is …
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When Memory Loss Affects the Holidays

As the holiday season approaches, many families and friends look forward to gatherings and celebrations. Though it’s a cheerful time for many, holiday gatherings can be a challenge for seniors suffering from dementia or memory loss. It can also be a trying time for those caring for older adults. Faced with different routines, activities and conversations, seniors dealing with memory loss may feel overwhelmed. It’s important to know that there are many ways to connect with your loved ones without causing stress or anxiety during holiday gatherings.

To ensure that holiday time is enjoyable for you and your loved ones, here are a few tips:

  • The holidays are a time to celebrate and reflect on family traditions and memories. Take the time to reminisce about stories from the past but do not put pressure on seniors to recall names or details of the story. They simply may enjoy listing to stories of the past.
  • Prepare family members, friends and other visitors to let them know that the person may have changed since they last saw them. Explain that he or …
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The Truth About Pricing on Senior Living Websites

Allegro offers starting prices on their website and discusses the significance of providing customized pricing.

An article has been circulating in the media lately called ‘Why Senior Housing Prices Are Impossible to Find’ which discusses the lack of pricing information available on senior living websites. This lack of transparency is frustrating to viewers and poses the question, “why can’t senior living companies just post pricing information on the website?”

It’s understandable why this question is commonly asked. Seniors and families go online with the intention to find pricing. Many believe that senior living companies withhold pricing so that they do not scare away potential residents.

Pricing for senior living can be complex and wide-ranging. It is an emotional life decision that requires personalization. As a result, it’s often difficult to provide exact pricing to a senior or family member without first understanding his or her needs.  There’s a wide range of options among care types, services, dining and floor plans.

Typically, rental senior living communities offer a monthly base rent that includes dining, housekeeping, transportation, maintenance, social events, and …
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Top 3 Reasons Associates Love Working For Allegro

We asked some of our associates at Winter Park why they love working for Allegro, and here are their TOP 3 reasons:

1. We live our mission, statement and values.

It is important to work for a company that believes in their mission and values. Allegro’s mission is “Inspired experiences for residents, associates, and stakeholders.” And we achieve our mission through our values.


We are honest and respectful. I listen, learn, and respond truthfully. We are compassionate. I treat everyone as family. We expect everyone to be a leader. I take initiative and ownership. We commit to excellence. I go beyond. We find joy in life. I have fun.

2. Team Spirit! Team Allegro!

We know what we are working towards because we have a common vision. We share ideas, provide support when it is needed, and enjoy each other’s company.  We go beyond to make sure we are there for the residents and fellow associates.

3. Excitement of starting a new community

Allegro located in Winter Park will officially be opening in November! The team is preparing for …
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5 Activities to Celebrate Grandparent’s Day

There is no doubt that grandparents have a unique relationship with their grandchildren. They often serve as a friend, mentor and your biggest fan throughout childhood, adolescence and adulthood. Grandparents can fill roles that parents may not. Whether it is guidance or entertainment, grandparents are always there to bring joy and perspective into our lives.

Take time this year to celebrate and appreciate the grandparents or seniors in your life by planning one of these meaningful activities for Grandparent’s Day on September 10th.

Cook something together: Perhaps your grandma or grandpa makes a favorite dish or dessert you love, but you have not taken the time to learn it for yourself.  Sometimes a recipe can only tell you so much. It’s helpful to walk through the steps together and learn the secret tricks to make those chocolate chip cookies so delicious.

Schedule a photo shoot together: It doesn’t have to be with an expensive photographer or camera but schedule time to capture photos of you with your grandma and/or grandpa. Pick a spot that has a nice background and ask …
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Senior Hacks – Shortcuts to Make Life Easier for Seniors

Daily tasks that were once simple can become more challenging as individuals age and face hurdles such as loss of hearing, sight and memory. Several senior hacks that can make each day easier through this stage of life.

Allegro is highlighting clever ‘Hacks’ or ‘Shortcuts’ to help seniors overcome common hurdles that often accompany older age.

– Ask for a map of your local grocery store and map out your route beforehand to reduce walking. Shop early or late in the day to avoid crowds. Better yet, use Peapod to have groceries delivered to your door.

– Use dark colored switch plates and outlet covers against lighter colored walls so that you can quickly identify their location(s) in a room.

– Take advantages of phone apps to help remind you each day when pills should be taken. Check out the app Pillieboxie.

– Put a sticker on pill boxes after you have taken pills that day.

– Sign up for Amazon Prime subscriptions to have basic household items shipped to your door each month.

– For those struggling with hearing loss, …
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Top 10 Reasons People Choose Allegro located in Tallahassee

Allegro is a senior living community that has been serving seniors in the Tallahassee area for almost two decades.

Here are our top 10 reasons why seniors choose Allegro as their home.

1. Allegro has been serving the area’s seniors for over 17 years. 2. Our Lead Senior Living Advisor, Gail McDonald, has been with the community for 18 years, since construction. 3. We are a licensed senior living community, with a perfect score on our state survey. 4. Stay in the place you love with familiar Allegro associates. You do not need to move as you age and need additional services. 5. 87% of all residents rated the community “excellent” or “very good” on our recent survey. 6. Customers rate Allegro 4.6 out of 5 stars on 7. Winner of BEST Senior Living by the Tallahassee Democrat 2 years in a row. 8. All Day Dining program offering flexibility and a variety of fresh menu options that change daily. 9. The community has an exclusive partnership with the Tallahassee Senior Center and Osher Lifelong Learning Society. 10. Allegro, …
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