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Allegro Love Stories – The Secret to Marriage

Many couples at Allegro have been together sixty plus years, and they are experts in maintaining a successful marriage. So we asked them, “What is the secret to a lasting marriage?” Here is some of the advice they shared with us.

Tish & Robert Married 65 years Try not to lose your temper too often.

Gene & Mary Married 61 years Tolerance. Being able to accommodate one another.

Harriet & Clayton Married 63 years Let each other do what they want to do with no argument.

Joseph & Irene Married 59 years You need to talk out all your problems, even if you don’t want to.

Millie & Roy Married 64 years Agree on things and have love and respect for each other.

Top 10 Reasons To Visit Allegro in 2018

2018 is gearing up to be a memorable year for our communities.  As we enter the new year, here are our top 10 reasons to visit Allegro.  Whether or not you are considering a move to a senior living community this year or further down the road, we hope you will come by to learn more about life at Allegro.

To Enjoy Your Surroundings Allegro communities are beautifully designed with luxury accommodations and well-appointed residences.  Allegro’s newest community in Winter Park is NOW OPEN. We invite you to take a virtual tour of the community here.  It is even more impressive in person, so come by for a visit.

To Celebrate Allegro knows how to throw a celebration. Whether it’s Valentine’s Day or National Donut Day, we always find a reason to celebrate. After all, life is too short not too. Here are some pictures of residents in Stuart ringing in the new year together and celebrating the holidays.

To Find Your Passion It’s never too late in life to learn …
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Senior Hacks – Shortcuts to Make Life Easier for Seniors

Daily tasks that were once simple can become more challenging as individuals age and face hurdles such as loss of hearing, sight and memory. Several senior hacks that can make each day easier through this stage of life.

Allegro is highlighting clever ‘Hacks’ or ‘Shortcuts’ to help seniors overcome common hurdles that often accompany older age.

– Ask for a map of your local grocery store and map out your route beforehand to reduce walking. Shop early or late in the day to avoid crowds. Better yet, use Peapod to have groceries delivered to your door.

– Use dark colored switch plates and outlet covers against lighter colored walls so that you can quickly identify their location(s) in a room.

– Take advantages of phone apps to help remind you each day when pills should be taken. Check out the app Pillieboxie.

– Put a sticker on pill boxes after you have taken pills that day.

– Sign up for Amazon Prime subscriptions to have basic household items shipped to your door each month.

– For those struggling with hearing loss, …
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Allegro Resident Celebrates Holiday Season by Giving Back

Tis the season for giving. A generous resident at Allegro proves this saying to be true this holiday season. Edward Harney, a senior living resident at Allegro located in Stuart, recruited his friend to become a resident at the community. As a result, he received a monetary reward for his referral through the Allegro Resident Referral Program. Instead of keeping this reward for himself, he generously decided to donate the money to the Alzheimer’s Association.

“I appreciate and support the wonderful work being done by the Alzheimer’s Association in helping to eradicate this terrible disease,” says Edward. “I am pleased to be able to make this donation for such a worthy cause.”

Edward has lived at Allegro for the past six years.  Allegro has been proudly serving seniors in the Stuart area since opening its doors in 2011.

Top 5 Innovative Tech Gifts for Seniors in 2017

Finding the right gift for seniors in your life can be challenging. While techy gifts may not be at the top of your list, these innovative devices can be meaningful and helpful to seniors. Technology is now available to address everyday stresses in seniors lives such as safety, health, and companionship. Don’t let the senior in your life be intimidated by emerging technology and consider one of these gifts for him or her this holiday season.


Gift Option #1 – WiseWear ($295-$345)

Benefit to Seniors: Safety and Convenience

Think of this as a Fitbit specially designed for seniors. This smart jewelry tracks your heart rate, calories and sleep patterns like most popular fitness devices. Connected to a smartphone, it also provides notification features for incoming calls and important alerts, such as medication reminders. The sleek aesthetic design is replacing traditional plastic button panic devices. The difference is the safety feature. The user taps the bracelet 3 times to create a distress signal that is sent to the emergency contacts linked to the device. Your exact GPS location is …
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When Memory Loss Affects the Holidays

As the holiday season approaches, many families and friends look forward to gatherings and celebrations. Though it’s a cheerful time for many, holiday gatherings can be a challenge for seniors suffering from dementia or memory loss. It can also be a trying time for those caring for older adults. Faced with different routines, activities and conversations, seniors dealing with memory loss may feel overwhelmed. It’s important to know that there are many ways to connect with your loved ones without causing stress or anxiety during holiday gatherings.

To ensure that holiday time is enjoyable for you and your loved ones, here are a few tips:

  • The holidays are a time to celebrate and reflect on family traditions and memories. Take the time to reminisce about stories from the past but do not put pressure on seniors to recall names or details of the story. They simply may enjoy listing to stories of the past.
  • Prepare family members, friends and other visitors to let them know that the person may have changed since they last saw them. Explain that he or …
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Job Fair Preparation Tips

Going to a job fair can be stressful! However, here are some recommendations to help you present your best self and increase your chances of success.


Before you arrive at the job fair, research the company that you will be visiting. It is important to understand what the company does, and its mission, vision, and values. This will be beneficial to know if this company may be a right fit for you, as well as help you put your best foot forward when meeting with a company representative.

Dress your Best – Business Best!

Treat the job fair just as you would a job interview.  Jeans and t-shirts would be a big no-no for this type of event. It is recommended to dress business casual, which would include slacks, dress shirt, and closed-toe shoes.

Practice, practice, practice.

Now that you are dressed for the part, it is time to shine! It is important to be able to clearly communicate the work you have done and experiences you have had with the potential employer. The more you practice, the more …
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