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10 Life Story Questions to Ask Your Grandparents

Sometimes it’s hard to remember that our grandparents had exciting lives before we came into the picture.  Nonetheless, we can all stand to learn a thing or two from them.  Talking with seniors about their past and listening to their life story is a valuable opportunity to get to know our relatives better and see them in a different light.

Many older adults have gone through the trials and successes that life experience often brings. Getting to know more about their history can help bring you and your loved ones closer.  You might also gain some helpful advice or wisdom to use in your life.  If they allow it, ask them these questions on video. You’ll walk away with a moment saved in time to one day show a future generation if they ever ask about their family history.

It’s hard to find a good time to sit down with grandparents but consider holidays like Grandparent’s Day, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day as a fitting time to make this a priority. Pull out old photos to reference and travel back to …
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7 Innovative Technologies for Older Adults

The surge in the aging population is challenging the technology industry to provide inventive solutions. Advancements in technology are enhancing the lives of older adults and their caregivers.

Here are a few innovative technologies transforming life as we age.

1. WiseWear offers a new option in the competitive wearable trackers market. The smart jewelry tracks your heart rate, calories and sleep patterns like most popular fitness devices. The difference is the safety feature. The user taps the bracelet 3 times to create a distress signal that is sent to the emergency contacts linked to the device. Your exact GPS location is transmitted. Connected to a smartphone, it also provides notification features for incoming calls and important alerts, such as medication reminders. The sleek aesthetic design is replacing traditional plastic button panic devices.

2. According to the Department of Health & Human Services, nearly half of adults 75 and older have hearing loss. Hearing aid technology has advanced significantly in the last 20 years. ReSound offers an aid that enables users to control their hearing via an iPhone app. These hearing aids connect …
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Executive Director Delights Residents During Passover

Here’s a story about our Executive Director at Boynton Beach, Veronica.

She’s a strong, determined leader who puts her heart and soul into her job as Executive Director at Allegro Senior Living. Here’s an example…

Since yesterday was the first day of Passover, associates walked into the kitchen to find Veronica wearing an apron and at the grill. At first, they thought that perhaps someone in the kitchen had called off and she was just helping out. She cheerfully said no. She was making Matzo Brei. Matzo Brei is a Passover breakfast tradition that many look forward to eating during Passover. It is a dish that Veronica was not familiar with and can be somewhat intimidating to cook the first time around. However, Veronica knew that it was a meaningful dish and tradition for residents. The recipe didn’t intimidate her. She was able to personally cook and serve Matzo Brei to residents.

Veronica’s passion for helping seniors brought her from the corporate world to senior living.

Having an Executive Director who goes above and beyond is a beautiful thing for our …
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Allegro Residents Are Honored to Participate in the 6th Annual Re-Purposed Doodad Sculpture Contest

Allegro located in Hyde Park was asked again this year to participate in the 2017 Annual Re-Purposed Doodad Sculpture Contest.  Hillsborough County Public Schools is partnering with the Tampa Regional Artists to provide students with the opportunity to re-purpose otherwise discarded objects.

This year’s theme gives students a choice between three categories: The History of Tampa, United States History, or Firefighters as Heroes. This year’s venue will be held at The Tampa Firefighters Museum.

The students, along with Allegro residents, will be utilizing their imaginations while transforming used campaign posters and signage into something unique and theme appropriate.  Allegro will use the Tampa History theme for their creation. Hyde Park Architects are cordially advising their team on this project.  This approach highlights the tight-knit sense of community in Hyde Park.

The DooDad competition began in 2011 when plastic street globes from the senior living community were going to be discarded but instead were transformed into creative sculptures by local Tampa students. They are the only senior living community featured and asked to participate in this prestigious event.  The items will be judged on …
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Senior Living – How Do I Know Which Option is Right for Me?

Senior living communities offer several living options to meet the wide-ranging needs of each resident. Without understanding the choices available, it can be difficult to determine which care type will benefit you. You may search for one care level, but come to find out that another option is better.

Three common care levels offered are Independent Living, Assisted Living and Memory Care. Communities may offer one or all three care levels. It’s important to understand which care level is right and what the difference is between these options. As you plan for the future, keep in mind that your needs will change and you may not need these care types in a sequential order.

Determining a care level for a senior living resident is a very complex process, and several factors and assessments go into this evaluation. A formal evaluation will have to be completed by a healthcare professional at your senior living community to determine an accurate care level. This information is intended to give you a general idea of which option might be best. It does not replace the …
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Chef Allegro – Easy Chocolate Mousse

Chef Allegro is back with a quick recipe from our Dining Services Director, Sean, from Tallahassee. This chocolate mousse recipe is a senior-friendly recipe can be made at home as a snack or a yummy dessert.

Ingredients: 1 cup Heavy Cream or Half & Half 1 bag of Hershey’s Chocolate Chips (Semi-Sweet 1 pound) 1 tub (8 oz) of Whipped Cream (Cool-Whip) 3-quart microwave safe bowl 1 wire whisk

Instructions: 1. Take 1 cup of the half and half or heavy cream and pour into a microwave safe bowl. 2. Add the Hershey’s Chocolate Chips with the cream in a bowl. 3. Microwave on high for 30 seconds at a time and stir after each time. 4. Repeat until chocolate is melted and mixed thoroughly until creamy. 5. Let cool until the mixture reaches room temperature. 6. Add a tub of whipped cream to chocolate and whip using a wire whisk. 7. Place in refrigerator until cold and serve in the desired container. 8. You can use crushed graham crackers on the bottom of mousse for added flavor.

The Surprising Benefits of Short-Term Respite Care

As a caregiver, the daily routine of caring for a loved one with dementia can be a full-time job and can bring stress to daily life.  As a senior, the day to day tasks of meal preparation, cleaning and transportation can quickly become daunting. Short-term respite care can help.

What some seniors and caregivers may not realize is that short-term (or respite) stay options are available at most senior communities.  As a caretaker it can be difficult to find time for your own physical and emotional needs; however, your wellbeing is just as important as your loved one.

Below are a few ways in which a short-term respite stay can benefit both seniors and their caregivers:

• Increases socialization opportunities for seniors beyond their family. • Encourages seniors to stay active physically and mentally. • Improves the dining experience for seniors who do not have regular companionship during meal time. • Provide an emotional and physical break for the caregiver to take care of themselves and find time for activities to reduce stress. • Creates an extended support system for the …
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