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At Allegro Senior Living communities, you’ll discover the joys of inspired senior living. We care a lot about the people we serve. So we work hard to help you continue to enjoy friends, family, hobbies, and to provide all the little things that make your life meaningful and unique. Our warm, comforting and engaging environment will delight you every day. Demand the best for the rest of your life. Live the Inspired Life at Allegro.

  • “My friends and family all remark how well I look and have decided I made the right decision moving to Allegro Senior Living. I think I have too!”

    - Allegro Resident

  • “We wish to thank you for the wonderful work you and your staff have been doing. My father has been a resident for the past three years. We are totally impressed with the professionalism and camaraderie of your staff at all levels.”

    - Daughter of Allegro Resident

  • “I can only speak well of Allegro. All areas deserve a well done. Keep up your good work to seniors. I am speaking as a 9+ year resident of Allegro Senior Living.”

    - Allegro Resident

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Grandparent's Day
Life Lessons

5 Activities to Celebrate Grandparent’s Day

There is no doubt that grandparents have a unique relationship with their grandchildren. They often serve as a friend, mentor and your biggest fan throughout childhood, adolescence and adulthood. Grandparents can fill roles that parents may not. Whether it is guidance or entertainment, grandparents are always there to bring joy and perspective into our lives. Take time this year to celebrate and appreciate the grandparents or seniors in your life by planning one of these meaningful activities for Grandparent’s Day on September 10th. Cook something together: Perhaps your grandma or grandpa makes a favorite dish or dessert you love, but you have not taken the time to learn it for yourself.  Sometimes a recipe can only tell you so much. It's helpful to walk through the steps together and learn the secret tricks to make those chocolate chip cookies so delicious. Schedule a photo shoot together: It doesn’t have to be with an expensive photographer or camera but schedule time to capture photos of you with your grandma and/or grandpa. Pick a spot that has a nice background and ask another family member to play photographer for you. Better yet, print your photos and pair them with a nice frame to give to your loved ones or keep for yourself. Look through old photos: Pull out those old photo albums and look through them together with your grandparents. It’s fun to reminisce about old times and see your grandparents when they were much younger. If you have older pictures without labels or dates, make it a goal to write details on each photo. It’s helpful to document names and dates for future generations to come. Life story questions: It’s often easy to forget that your grandparents had a life before you were born. Sit down and ask them a few questions about what their life was like as a child or young adult. Who knows, you might just learn something. Here is a list of life story questions to get the conversation started. Create a family tree: Learning about your ancestors can be a very eye-opening experience. It can bring a greater sense of identity and pride in your family history. Grandparents are a wealth of knowledge available for building this family tree. You can also consult websites such as ancestory.com to find even more details of your family history. A family tree is a great memento to pass along to future generations or family members. We hope these ideas help you create memories with your grandparents this year. Enjoy spending time with them and celebrating the impact they make in your life.      …

Senior Hacks

Senior Hacks – Shortcuts to Make Life Easier for Seniors

Daily tasks that were once simple can become more challenging as individuals age and face hurdles such as loss of hearing, sight and memory. Several senior hacks that can make each day easier through this stage of life.

Allegro is highlighting clever ‘Hacks’ or ‘Shortcuts’ to help seniors overcome common hurdles that often accompany older age.

- Ask for a map of your local grocery store and map out your route beforehand to reduce walking. Shop early or late in the day to avoid crowds. Better yet, use Peapod to have groceries delivered to your door. - Use dark colored switch plates and outlet covers against lighter colored walls so that you can quickly identify their location(s) in a room. - Take advantages of phone apps to help remind you each day when pills should be taken. Check out the app Pillieboxie. - Put a sticker on pill boxes after you have taken pills that day. - Sign up for Amazon Prime subscriptions to have basic household items shipped to your door each month. - For those struggling with hearing loss, an amplified telephone can help make phone conversations a little easier. Amplified phones come with built-in amplification and tone control so you can turn up the volume higher than a traditional phone, and adjust the frequency of the other caller's voice to better fit your hearing. - Wear comfortable shoes that do not easily slip off your foot, have a good sole for traction and do not require tying for safety and convenience. - Look for the large print versions of books. - Use a highlighter at the beginning of each month and highlight activities you wish to go to that month. - Add safety strips in your bathroom to prevent falls. Hopefully, you or a loved one will find one of these hacks useful in your day-to-day life. Let us know what ‘hacks’ work for you and we will add them to our next Senior Hacks list.…

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2016 Associates of the Year Awards

Each year Allegro recognizes outstanding associates at our communities. Winners are nominated by peers and selected by a unanimous panel of judges. One of our company values is ‘We Commit to Excellence’ and these associates bring this value to life.

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2016 Associates of the Year Award Winners