An Open Letter to Children Looking at Senior Living for their Mother or Father

An Open Letter to Children Looking at Senior Living for their Mother or Father

It's so hard to face this decision for your parents. The roles are reversed, and you are now the caretaker in the relationship. The people who raised you, loved you and protected you throughout your life need your help. You are met with the frightening job of choosing a senior living community for them when they can no longer care for themselves.

I know how intimidating this task can be when there are so many communities and services to choose from that all claim to do the same thing. How stressful it can be to see the costs of senior communities and deal with overwhelming financial commitment. How scary it can be to envision putting the care of your mother and father into the hands of what are strangers to you at the time.

You can’t imagine your parents living anywhere but in their home, where they belong.

This is what I want to tell you. It's my job to get to know you and your parents. You are not just a lead in the database or a tour on the calendar. It is my job to uncover your parent’s needs and develop a plan that will allow them to live their best life through their golden years.

My greatest satisfaction and reward working in the senior living industry is when I help a family make that next step. Whether it's to our community or another local community, I know my relationship with this family helped guide them towards the best solution for their Mother or Father. I helped them make that decision and removed some of the worries and strain out of the process.

Many think I am only here to sell you a place to live, but the reality is that my job is so much more.


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