4 Myths About Senior Living Communities

4 Myths About Senior Living CommunitiesAre you or a loved one considering a move to a senior community in the future? If so, here are a few common myths associated with senior communities.

Myth #1: I will lose my Independence once I move into a senior community.

Reality:  Moving to a senior community can help a senior maintain their independence without the fear or risks associated with living alone. Seniors can find and choose a community that matches their needs and fits their lifestyle. Services and amenities are designed to assist seniors with the responsibilities of everyday life (such as shopping, cooking, transportation, etc.) so they can enjoy more of the activities and hobbies that matter to them. Senior communities allow residents to continue a physically and mentally active life filled with activities they enjoy, with the peace of mind that help is nearby if needed.

Myth #2: I can't afford to live in a senior community.

Reality: The general perception is that senior living is far more expensive than home ownership. The cost of a senior community varies depending on services offered and the location of the community. However, it’s easy to overlook the added costs of homeownership, including ongoing maintenance, taxes and insurance. Also, many senior communities offer a variety of services and amenities included in the monthly rate, such as meal preparation, transportation, activities, etc.

Myth #3: I currently live on my own, and I am independent. I don't need to start searching for a senior community yet.

Reality:  Often individuals believe that the right time to start looking for a senior community is once they can no longer take care of themselves at home.  However, seniors in good health should plan ahead and start their research early so they have the knowledge to make a decision when the time comes to move to a senior community. Senior communities offer many opportunities for engagement to enhance the lives (physically and emotionally) of their residents. By putting off your search, seniors and their loved ones can then be strained to make decisions under a stressful situation. In addition, they are missing out on potential opportunities to enjoy the benefits of a senior community while they are still able to do so.

Myth #4: I won't be happy living in a senior community.

Reality: The Assisted Living Federation of America (ALFA) recently conducted a survey of 500 seniors living in assisted living communities and found widespread satisfaction for almost every aspect of life in their communities. 94% of assisted living residents say they are satisfied with their overall quality of life in their assisted living community. The rest of the survey results can be found here.

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