Hurricane Ian Update

With the impending arrival of Hurricane Ian in Florida, we would like you to know that it is our goal to shelter in place unless ordered to evacuate by authorities. Families will be notified by each community regarding specific plans should evacuation occur. Our communities are equipped with large generators and sufficient fuel supplies in the event of loss of power. Our company philosophy is that residents will be better served, safer, and less anxious if they are able to stay at our communities in familiar surroundings with staff available to see them through the storm. Residents may also want to stay with family members and if this is the case, please arrange with the on-site team at their community. Please feel free to speak with the Executive Director or any of the Senior leadership at the community if you have questions. Best regards and stay safe. We will update after the storm has passed.

Tips for Downsizing Your Home

Tips for Downsizing Your HomeAlthough challenging, the move to a smaller living space or senior community can be very appealing to those who no longer want the responsibilities that come along with homeownership. The common questions that often fills the mind of seniors such as "what do I do with all of my things?", "how will I move everything?", "where will I go?" It can be an emotionally and physically demanding time to leave a space that holds memories from many years before.

Here are a few planning tips and resources for right-sizing your home:

Early Planning is Key – Start researching your options and planning your move early. It doesn’t mean that you have to make a move in the near future, but when and if the time comes you will not be faced with the stress of planning under pressure and tight timelines.

Find a senior move manager – There are many companies that specialize in working with seniors and families making this transition. They are trained specifically to handle the physical and emotional needs of seniors through the move process. For a list of senior move managers near you, visit

Work with a Senior Real Estate Specialist – Working with a Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES) can be very beneficial when selling or buying a new home. SRES designees are certified senior specialists who work primarily with 50+ individuals who want to sell their home. To find an SRES close to you,

Research Local Senior Communities – Making the move to a senior community is a big decision and one that is often hard to make without visiting and touring the community yourself. Pick a few communities in the area of your choice and go visit. Take a tour, ask to come for dinner and find an activity to join. It's also a good idea to ask your local senior community to recommend a 'home health aide' or 'companion' service for support with chores around the house during your move.

Hold on to memories but let go of clutter – One of the hardest parts of moving to a smaller place can be letting go of material possessions that have sentimental value to you or your loved ones. It’s okay to take baby steps here and start this process early. Designate time each week to de-clutter a chosen area of your home. It may be easier to start with areas that have less sentential value such as the bathroom instead of areas such as the bedroom or living room. Create labels to categorize items into piles such as 'must keep', 'donate', and 'sell'. Ask yourself with each item if you are holding on to an item you need for the future or if you are holding on to a memory from the past.

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Deciding on a senior living community is a journey filled with many questions. We are here to provide you and your family with the answers you need before finding the community that fits your lifestyle.

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Your Guide to Memory Care

The sheer number of senior living options can be overwhelming for older adults and their children. It's important to know the facts about each one in order to determine which is the best fit for you or a senior loved one.

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