Tips for Engaging With a Loved One Affected by Memory Loss

Tips for Engaging With a Loved One Affected by Memory LossFor anyone with a close friend or family member affected by memory loss, you know first-hand how this condition can have an emotional impact on your relationship with this person. At times the role of son, daughter or friend can take a backseat to the new role of caretaker.

Depending on what stage of memory loss your loved one is experiencing, this condition can present new challenges in caring and communicating with the individual.  Regular activities that you once enjoyed may change and new challenges can present themselves when interacting with this person.  Finding ways to engage and care for your loved one will help ease the stress of caretaking and dealing with memory loss.

Tips for engaging with your loved one affected by memory loss:

It's important to remember each individual with memory loss has different needs and there is not one single list of activities or tips that will be successful for everyone. It's important to take into consideration the personality and prior interests of the individual when planning activities. Careful planning and a little creativity can play a big difference in engaging with your loved one affected by memory loss.

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