Clermont, FL

Alto Clermont offers upscale, assisted living and memory care in the lakeview town of Clermont. Explore a caring community where residents can embrace the future, maintain current social connections and form new friendships.

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Alto Clermont, FL


Alto Clermont offers upscale, assisted living and memory care in the lakeview town of Clermont. Explore a caring community where residents can embrace the future, maintain current social connections and form new friendships.

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Senior woman writing in a journal

Assisted Living

Assisted Living at Allegro focuses on personalized support, combining the conveniences and comfort of community living with the independence of a private apartment.

Memory Care

Our Ensemble Memory Care program focuses on caring for the whole person – mind, body and spirit – and is specifically designed to engage the senses to create inspiring and meaningful life experiences.

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Design of the building provides for large open spaces inside and out. I'm impressed they built such great, multi-story spaces instead of cramming in more rooms as other places do. You feel as if you're at a lodge within a national park. Fireplaces, library, full dining facilities, nursing staff, activities and so much more. I'd live here if I could. They take wonderful care of our family member and have such patience dealing with her, no easy feat. Awesome place that we recommend and so happy to have found.
John Berrang
Meet our Community Members
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The architecture and decor of the place is looks like a lodge so it has warm colors, tones, fixtures, and cozy fireplaces. There is an abundance of activities for all to enjoy including arranged transportation for the seniors to get out, shop, take in a movie, or just see the sights. The food is excellent, in my opinion, and I've shared many meals with them in the restaurant. The medical staff do a great job of taking care of my parents health needs including medication management and assistance throughout the day and night. Maintenance and housekeeping staff do a great job also of upkeep and fixing things that need attention. The staff are very attentive to the residents and treat them as family and friends! Say Hi to Shirley at the front desk as she always has a smile and the memory of an elephant. Couldn't find a better place for my parents to live and my family and I looked far and wide in central Florida!
George Schlutermann Family Member
We moved my parents in here into a 1 bedroom apartment on 1 Feb 2020 after touring all other Clermont facilities and they chose Cranes View. The atmosphere fits them perfectly as they are very social and like to keep busy with activities. We are especially greatful we got them moved in pre-covid as we dont know how well they would have faired being on their own and isolated. I am especially impressed with the buildings construction and all the social and activity spaces that are available. Most other facilities don't have near as much space, they just cram in more rooms to increase profits. But even more important is the staff and how hard they work to make each meal, activity and day special. It gives me peace of mind that my parents are happy and well cared for.
Kevin Brannigan Family Member
We have a family member who moved in last year and we have never been disappointed! Not only is it the absolute cleanest assisted living center ever, it is of modern design which allows for the many activities offered. It does not seem to have much of a turnover in staff, which is a good indicator of staff happiness. The dining room staff really seem to know each resident and go the extra mile every day. The activities team works diligently to offer a vast array of different opportunities to meet all resident’s needs. They strive to personally know and reach out to each tenant. The front desk personnel are always friendly and helpful.
Robert McRoy Family Member
Deborah makes life interesting and fun for the residents with all of the different memory games she has in her repertoire. When I see my Mom participating with the other residents and having fun it really warms my heart. It is obvious Deborah has a very special relationship with each resident in her daily banter with them. I feel fortunate to have this wonderful personality interacting with my Mom daily.
Kirk Silbermanv Family Member