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At Allegro, wellness is a core component of our lifestyle programming. Wellness means much more than simply eating right and exercising often. In fact, there are a total of seven dimensions of wellness that impact a person's overall health and well-being. We strive to incorporate these dimensions into all aspects of our resident’s lives.

Taking care of the whole self is essential to health and well-being. The resources below can aid you in maintaining the seven dimensions of wellness - physical, social, emotional, environmental, spiritual, professional/vocational, and intellectual. Find helpful services to stay mentally and physically active and to bridge the gap in socialization.

No Hassle Grocery Delivery

With these easy-to-use grocery delivery services, there’s no need to visit grocery stores and possibly encounter the virus. Get details on the top grocery services, helpful tips, and important information about order minimums and delivery fees.

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Beat Quarantine Boredom

With social distancing mandates recently enforced, individuals may need to get creative with their newfound time. Seniors could be even more impacted by the social distancing aspect than most. Check out these ideas for a variety of boredom busting activities.

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Fitness on Demand

The internet offers a wide array of on-demand classes, programs and activities to help you stay fit and active from the comfort of your own home. Even though group activities and classes are currently cancelled, these services can keep you actively engaged both mentally and physically.

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It's on the World Wide Web

The world wide web is still alive and kicking and is a treasure trove of opportunity for seniors looking to continue their education and keep their minds sharp. From financials to language classes, to online games and new technology, the resources are limitless. This guide lists some of the best websites on a variety of topics and for a wide range of preferences.

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