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Senior living communities offer several living options to meet the wide-ranging needs of each resident. Without understanding the choices available, it can be difficult to determine which care type will benefit you. Three common care levels offered are Independent Living, Assisted Living and Memory Care. Communities may offer one or all three care levels. It’s important to understand which care level is right and what the difference is between these options.

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Choosing a Senior Living Community

Making the transition to a senior living community can be exciting but yet stressful. There's an abundance of options and it's not always clear which path is best for you or a loved one. Knowing what to plan for and the right questions to ask can ease concerns and reduce stress while searching for a new home in a senior living community. Here is a list of items to consider before making the transition to a senior living community.

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Finding the Right Living Option
Finding the Right Living Option

Tips for Downsizing Your Home

Although challenging, the move to a smaller living space or senior community can be very appealing to those who no longer want the responsibilities that come along with home ownership. Common question often fill the mind of seniors such as "what do I do with all of my things?", "how will I move everything?", "where will I go?" It can be an emotionally and physically demanding time to leave a space that holds memories from many years before. Here are a few planning tips and resources for right-sizing your home.

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4 Common Myths Associated With Senior Living Communities

If you are considering a move to a senior community in the future, here are a few common myths and the realities of life at a senior community.

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