Tallahassee, FL

Discover luxurious senior living at Allegro Tallahassee. Independent Living and Assisted Living residents thrive in our lively community and form meaningful relationships with other residents and our exceptional staff.

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Tallahassee, FL

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My grandmother lived at Allegro for 15 years, and this place had such a positive impact on her life. The activity programming facilitated so many ways for her to get to know other residents and lead a great social life for not only herself but for the entire resident community. The staff has always been so supportive of my family , and I have countless memories of holiday brunches and parties enjoyed there. As a young child, going to Allegro was always something I really looked forward to not just because I loved spending time with my grandmother and her friends, but because I loved the events and activities and getting to know the friendly staff. Thank you Allegro for all you do for families!
Elspeth Suber Family Member
My mom has been a resident at Allegro/Tallahassee for one year. The staff at Allegro are kind, caring and supportive to all the residents. They know them by name and get to know family members (like me) by name as well. The property is meticulously maintained inside and out. There are so many daily activities from which to choose. Each holiday is treated in a special way. There are chapel services for residents each Sunday. Mom moved into a one bedroom then upgraded to a "newly available" 2 bedroom 2 bath apartment in November. It is decorated with her beautiful things from her home in Tennessee. Allegro is also pet friendly. My mom has a cat and others have small dogs. It is like a "neighborhood". If you want a wonderful "home" environment, Allegro should be at the top of your list. Cyndi Mincy
Cyndi Mincy Family Member
My brother and I were the caregivers for our elderly father for many years. After researching and touring several places in town, we made the decision to move him into the facility in 2013. What we found was a collection of people who were dedicated to the residents, and truly cared for the well being of others. Our Dad pushed the envelope on dozens of occasions, but they handled the situations with a gentle approach and professionalism. We were saddened to leave Allegro, years later, as our Dad required additional services due to his deteriorating conditions. As much as we enjoyed our time at Allegro, we learned to appreciate it even more after dealing with a new facility who didn't live up to similar standards. In conclusion, the Johnson Family will forever be grateful to the staff at Allegro and will continue to speak fondly of our experiences.
Jeff Johnson Family Member
I help a gentlemen on the independent side. This is one of the best retirement homes in Tallahassee. I suggest this to anyone I care for outside the facility. It's a very lovely home and the activities are great! He says the dinning hall is like going out to dinner at a Restaurant.
Pamela Free Family Member