Overland Park, KS

As part of our Overland Park community, you will experience the joy of carefree living coupled with the support of caring neighbors and skilled associates. Alto is backed by Allegro Senior Living, a values-based, family-managed organization dedicated to upholding our proud reputation for inspired senior living for 40 years.

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Overland Park, KS

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The community has made a great effort in keeping the residence engaged, they play hallway bingo, and have been creative with activities during covid. We checked out 5 facilities and they were all about the same place and the Sheridan was the cleanest, prettiest, and my mom said most welcoming. I would recommend this facility to others.
Donnell D Family Member
The care services at The Sheridan are great, and the activities are the best part. They have daily activities like talking about newspapers articles, chairs exercises, entertainment they bring in as well as music they play themselves. They have a garden out on the patio, where the residents can go out get some sun and fresh air. The cleanliness really stood out to us, and we fell in love with the director. When we first met her, she was interacting with some of the residents, they treated both of each other like family. They have a wide variety of food for the residents to choose from, the menu changes all the time. They are also accommodating to the residents if they don' like one of the main dishes.
Ric Johnson Family Member
It had extra activities. It was nice, clean welcoming it just felt right. The facilities very nice has a garden has a place for church, movies, crafts, library and fitness and physical therapy.
Anonymous Family Member
The aesthetics are beautiful, the community smells nice and there is a lot of activity with residents out and about. It is a very lively environment. The director of the community and who oversees everything has done an amazing job. He is always available to us whenever we have questions and concerns and has just gone above and beyond. We cannot give him enough credit, he alone gets 5 star.
Anonymous Family Member