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Putting the Life Back into Senior Living

Today’s senior living communities are remarkably different from senior housing options a few decades ago. The industry has evolved to meet the needs of a more active and engaged senior generation. Not content to ride out retirement from home, they are looking for communities that help them continue to thrive in later years.

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Your Family Decision Toolkit

Deciding on a senior living community is a journey filled with many questions. We are here to provide you and your family with the answers you need before finding the community that fits your lifestyle.

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Your Guide to Memory Care

The sheer number of senior living options can be overwhelming for older adults and their children. It's important to know the facts about each one in order to determine which is the best fit for you or a senior loved one.

Finding the Right Living Option

How Do I Know Which Option is Right for Me?

Senior living communities offer several living options to meet the wide-ranging needs of each resident. Without understanding the choices available, it can be difficult to determine which care type will benefit you. You may search for one care level, but come to find out that another option is better.

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Finding the Right Living Option
Finding the Right Living Option

What’s the Difference?

Continuum Care Retirement Community (CCRC) Versus a Rental Senior Living Community

Searching for a senior living community can be overwhelming for seniors and their families. The abundance of choices and various pricing options can further complicate the process. One of the common misunderstandings when searching through the maze of information is the difference between a Continuum Care Retirement Community (CCRC) and a rental senior living community.

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Myths Versus Reality

4 Common Myths Associated With Senior Living Communities

Are you or a loved one considering a move to a senior community in the future? If so, here are a few common myths associated with senior communities.

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