7 Top Communication Apps to Stay Connected

With all in-person communication halted due to Covid-19, individuals are resorting to using online platforms and smartphone apps to stay engaged with friends and loved ones. The below list highlights some of the most popular applications for both computer and smartphone to make life easier and to keep connections strong even if you can’t be there in person.

Facebook Messenger
This is probably the most well-known and utilized video and instant messenger. To learn more about this app and its capabilities, click here.

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This online video platform has seen a spike in users during the pandemic. Utilized for both professional meetings and casual chats between friends, Zoom is an important program to install both on your computer and on your smartphone. The free version allows conversations for up to 40 minutes. Learn more here.

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Microsoft Teams
Geared more towards professionals, Microsoft Teams makes it possible to still collaborate on projects and engage in discussions from your laptop or smartphone. The platform features a wide variety of capabilities, including video conferencing, document sharing, instant messaging, and more. They also provide platforms for educators, health workers and individuals needing distance learning assistance. Download on any device.

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Only for Apple users, FaceTime is a simple and easy app that makes virtual conversations a breeze. View this simple user guide to set up FaceTime on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Mac.

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Marco Polo
This smartphone app, much like a video walkie-talkie, combines messaging and video into one easy-to-use product for staying connected with friends and family. Unlike Snapchat, recorded video chats don’t disappear after 24 hours, but are saved in a continuous library underneath the live camera frame. Users are able to view video messages at their own leisure. Download the app here.

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House Party
If you’re needing an app that allows more than one guest to join your live video conversation, House Party is here. This face-to-face social app allows up to 8 guests on a single video conversation, while also offering the option to privately chat with members of the group. Get the app here.

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Google Duo
Available to both Android and Apple users, Google Duo provides a clean, simple way to chat with friends and family. This app allows up to 8 users to live chat at once and boasts features like Knock Knock (gives a live preview of the person calling you) and video messaging (good if you want to send a small snippet or if the other person can’t answer). Download the app for Android or iOS here.

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