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Respite Care

Short-term (or respite) stays are a beneficial option for seniors who want to try out the community, need assistance while a caregiver is away or while recovering from a surgery or a fall at home. In addition to helping the senior, respite stays can also provide support and benefits for caregivers. A typical stay varies but can last days, weeks or months.  

Respite stays offer peace of mind for families and an opportunity for socialization and care in a calm environment. Depending on the level of care needed, access to assisted living and memory care services and amenities are available.

Below are a few ways in which a short-term respite stay can benefit both the senior and their caregiver:

  • Increases socialization opportunities for seniors beyond their family.
  • Encourages seniors to stay active physically and mentally.
  • Improves the dining experience for seniors who do not have regular companionship during meal time.
  • Provide an emotional and physical break for the caregiver.
  • Creates an extended support system for the caregiver and peace of mind that their loved one will be taken care of when or if they need to be away for a short time.
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