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FAQs in Tallahassee, FL

1.  Do you purchase these apartments or rent them?

We are a rental community that does not require a “buy-in” fee up front. That is a common practice with other upscale retirement communities.  Being a “Rental” community Allegro is responsible to maintain, fix, and care for your apartment along with common areas and all appliances.

 2.  Do you accept pets?

Yes, we do accept pets but only with the approval from our Community Director. We will assess the pet’s veterinarian records, temperament, size and weight.  Allegro understands many individuals are very attached to their pet and having a cherished pet greatly enhances a person’s quality of life.  Allegro also recognizes that not everyone enjoys having pets so there are rules and restrictions within the community regarding the responsibility of that pet to its owner.

3.  What levels of care are offered if needed at Allegro?

Allegro offers Independent and Assisted Living with the majority of focus on programs and services that help a person remain as independent as possible no matter what level of care they may need.  Allegro accomplishes this through wellness programs, dining services, social events, and the many amenities within the community.  For residents requiring assisted living, trained caregivers assist residents with activities of daily living and programs designed to meet each resident’s unique needs. Physical therapy is offered on the premises and occupational therapy services are also available when ordered by a physician.

 4.  What is “Independent Living” and what does it offer?

Independent living combines the convenience and comfort of community living with the independence of a private apartment, and is designed for seniors who do not require personal assistance with activities of daily living. Allegro Independent Living offers freedom from the worries and responsibilities of maintaining a home, while offering many of the conveniences that make life easier and more enjoyable, including all day dining with delicious chef-prepared meals, weekly housekeeping and convenient transportation to shopping and appointments.  Also offered are fitness and wellness services, regularly scheduled social opportunities, and a resident emergency response system available 24 hours a day.

5.  What is “Flex” and what does it offer?

Flex apartments offer the unique opportunity for Allegro residents “age in place”.  Levels of assistance can be provided on an “as needed” basis allowing Independent residents to remain in their apartment as their needs change or if they are in need of levels of assistance on a temporary basis.  Flex apartments are conveniently located in the community and offer some AL services including personal laundry.          

 6.  What is “Assisted Living” and what does it offer? 

Assisted living provides personal care services to seniors who value assistance with activities of daily living, including help with medication management, bathing, dressing, mobility, housekeeping, personal laundry, and more. For seniors who value their independence, but appreciate support with daily tasks, Allegro Assisted Living begins with a Customized Service Care Plan. This plan outlines areas of assistance that our dedicated care staff will provide. Resident peace of mind is a priority at Allegro. Care staff are available 24 hours a day, and a one-touch resident emergency response system is monitored around the clock for added reassurance.

7.  What does “All Day Dining” mean?

All Day Dining provides residents the flexibility to eat when they choose.  Although Allegro has scheduled meal times, all day dining provides for meals any time between 7am-7pm.   

8.   If I would like to sell my house do you offer any help?

Yes, Allegro does offer a “Deferred Fees Program” in which, we can defer 50% of your monthly fees up to 6 months in order to help you financially while selling your house.  In addition to our “Deferred Fees Program” we work closely with the best local realtors so they can become your trusted advisors toward a successful sale of your home.

 9.  What happens when I need to move from Independent to Assisted living?

The Independent Living residents of Allegro will have priority over the general public when choosing an available apartment in Assisted Living.  Allegro will work with each individual resident and their family to prepare and educate them on the choices available regarding care that may be needed.  At Allegro, you can get the care you need, when you need it and only pay for individual services.  The family will be able to make an educated decision with the choices available tailored to your specific needs.

10.  What types of transportation services are available?

Allegro offers a large bus for group trips and a Lincoln Town Car for our driver to take you to appointments in town.  Residents can schedule transportation with the front desk.

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