Senior Hacks to Make Life Easier

Senior Hacks to Make Life EasierThe changes to our bodies as we age can make everyday tasks more challenging. At Allegro, we've learned many senior hacks—tips and shortcuts to make life more convenient, so that you or a loved one can continue to enjoy everyday activities. Here are a few of our favorite shortcuts to make life easier.

Senior Hacks for Memory

Take photos of the food in your refrigerator so you know what to stock up on. While you are at it, take a photo of the contents of each of your storage containers. Tape the photo to the outside of the container so you know what's inside. 

Use colored stickers to label keys, remote control buttons and bathroom faucets to take the guesswork out of picking the right one.

Listen to your favorite music to boost memory and reconnect with loved ones.

Seniors Hacks to Prevent Falls

Bathroom: For safety in the shower, put a bar of soap in an old stocking and tie one end of the stocking closed. Tie the other end to the shower handle so that if the soap falls, it can be safely retrieved by pulling up the stocking. Use grab bars, a shower chair and a bath mat in the shower.

Stairs: Place a strip of bright-colored duct tape at the edge of each step in a stairway to make it easier to judge the height and depth of the steps.

Tai Chi: Practice this gentle form of exercise to improve balance and reduce the risk of falling.

Seniors Hacks for Sight and Hearing

Low-vision aids can provide help for reading a favorite book, writing letters, and seeing family and friends. Enhanced Vision is a company that produces vision aid products.

Some libraries offer a "talking book," program that provides visually impaired persons with books they can listen. To find your local participating library, go to or call 1-888-657-7323.

Hearing loss can be alleviated with a phone that captures the caller's words on a screen that the individual can read. Check out this service at Clear Captions.

Senior Hacks for Shopping and Meals.

When out shopping, use a fanny pack for easy access to what you need and to keep money more secure.

For easier cooking, buy meats that are already seasoned and pre-packaged veggies and fruits.

If cooking is not an option, try Meals on Wheels for low-cost meals delivered to the home. In addition to cooked meals, some locations offer safety checks and companionship during meals. Go here to find a Meals on Wheels near you.

Senior Hacks for Exercise

For a low-impact way to stay fit, sit in a chair and move your arms and legs. Use a can of beans to add strength training to the workout.

Try water aerobics for a full-body workout that’s easier on the joints. Look up a class at your local YMCA.

Senior Hacks for a Better Grip

Conditions like arthritis can make it difficult to get a firm hold to open jars, use utensils and pull up a zipper. Try putting several rubber bands spaced apart around a glass for a better grip.

Use rubber gloves with grips to open containers

A bobby pin or key ring can help in pulling up zippers that are hard to grasp.

Our wish is that these hacks will make life go more smoothly!

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