How is social distancing being implemented for residents?

Many of our residents choose Allegro because of our community atmosphere, but we have had to make the difficult decision to close several public areas, like our dining rooms, to protect residents from any infection. The communities are working on creative ways to ensure residents continue to flourish during this time. Activities such as audiobooks, self-care packages, indoor gardening kits, virtual resources, movies, and scrapbook supplies are provided to keep residents active and thriving. We are also working closely to help residents connect virtually with family and loved ones.

How will residents continue to be cared for during an outbreak in their community?

We will continue to provide the care our residents need for their health and well-being. This includes taking care of their physical health, as well as supporting them emotionally through this challenging and confusing time. Essential services, like housekeeping and meals, will also continue, though modifications are being put in place to keep each member of our Allegro family safe.

How will you handle quarantine of residents who test positive for or have been exposed to COVID-19?

Rest assured that we will provide the best possible care for residents if they do come into contact with the virus. We are working with local medical professionals and following CDC recommendations, which include ensuring those affected by COVID-19 to quarantine in their apartments to limit the spread to others.

Those who test positive for the virus will be isolated in their apartments, and we will alert their primary care physician and follow the doctor’s guidance on the next steps. We will set up stations outside their doors with protective gear for associates, and have educated associates on protection and hygiene steps to limit the spread of any germs. We will frequently communicate with our residents’ doctors and follow their directions regarding whether hospitalization is needed.

What is your policy regarding family visitors?

We know this is difficult for families as well as our residents, but we must protect the health of everyone in our community. That means that no visitors, including family, are allowed into our communities at this time. We are helping residents connect with their loved ones in other ways, such as video chats, so you can still check in on one another during this challenging time.

What protocols are in place to prevent associates from spreading infection?

We are committed to doing everything it takes to keep each member of our Allegro family safe, and have been putting protective measure in place for several weeks. We are following CDC guidelines as well as those set out by the states where we operate. This includes providing the necessary protective gear like masks and gloves for our employees, and frequently sanitizing our community with cleaning supplies. In addition, we established a no visitor policy beginning on March 13 to further protect our residents and employees from coming into contact with the infection.

How are you ensuring that associates don’t bring the infection in from the outside?

We also are taking extra precaution to avoid an associate carrying the infection into the community. Before each shift, we take each employee’s temperature, and require those showing symptoms, those who think they’ve been in contact with someone who is infected, and those who have recently traveled from an area with cases to stay home. Associates also have been educated on how to be socially responsible outside our community to limit their exposure.

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