Allegro offers starting prices on their website and discusses the significance of providing customized pricing.

An article has been circulating in the media lately called ‘Why Senior Housing Prices Are Impossible to Find’ which discusses the lack of pricing information available on senior living websites. This lack of transparency is frustrating to viewers and poses the question, “why can’t senior living companies just post pricing information on the website?”

It’s understandable why this question is commonly asked. Seniors and families go online with the intention to find pricing. Many believe that senior living companies withhold pricing so that they do not scare away potential residents.

Pricing for senior living can be complex and wide-ranging. It is an emotional life decision that requires personalization. As a result, it’s often difficult to provide exact pricing to a senior or family member without first understanding his or her needs.  There’s a wide range of options among care types, services, dining and floor plans.

Typically, rental senior living communities offer a monthly base rent that includes dining, housekeeping, transportation, maintenance, social events, and utilities. In addition to the monthly rent, there may be care services added if the resident needs Assisted Living or Memory Care services. Allegro offers customized care plans tailored to each resident’s needs. Without first personally communicating with the resident or family member regarding their individual needs, it’s difficult to provide accurate pricing.

Allegro’s Approach to Pricing on the Website

Allegro offers starting prices on our website for all communities. We intend to give our viewers the information they need.  These prices do not include care. According to, the average monthly cost in the United States for Senior Living is $3,600. Pricing will vary depending on the size of an apartment, services the community offers, local market and care needs.

Here are Allegro’s 2018 rates that are offered on the website at

Boynton Beach, Florida – Monthly rates start at $3,930
Fleming Island, Florida – Monthly rates start at $3,423
Jupiter, Florida – Monthly rates start at $4,256
St. Augustine, Florida – Monthly rates start at $2,994
Stuart, Florida – Monthly rates start at $3,735
Tallahassee, Florida – Monthly rates start at $3,519
Tampa, Florida – Monthly rates start at $4,500
Tarpon Springs, Florida – Monthly rates start at $3,137
Winter Park, Florida – Monthly rates start at $3,830
Elizabethtown, Kentucky – Monthly rates start at $2,100

Allegro’s teams are educated to be Senior Living Advisors. As part of their role as an advisor, our associates work to understand everyone’s needs before providing a recommendation or pricing.  We also partner with our nurses and the person’s family physician to best evaluate needs. In this process, our Senior Living Advisors can determine an accurate cost based solely on the individual’s needs. It is not our intention to mislead or withhold pricing information on our website. But to offer starting ranges with the goal of providing more precise costs after we learn more.

As the digital landscape changes, Allegro will continue to evolve online to meet the demands of our prospects and families. Part of this will involve seeking out conversations and getting to know each individual on a personal level.