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Job Fair Preparation Tips

Going to a job fair can be stressful! However, here are some recommendations to help you present your best self and increase your chances of success.


Before you arrive at the job fair, research the company that you will be visiting. It is important to understand what the company does, and its mission, vision, and values. This will be beneficial to know if this company may be a right fit for you, as well as help you put your best foot forward when meeting with a company representative.

Dress your Best – Business Best!

Treat the job fair just as you would a job interview.  Jeans and t-shirts would be a big no-no for this type of event. It is recommended to dress business casual, which would include slacks, dress shirt, and closed-toe shoes.

Practice, practice, practice.

Now that you are dressed for the part, it is time to shine! It is important to be able to clearly communicate the work you have done and experiences you have had with the potential employer. The more you practice, the more …
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Allegro Residents Are Honored to Participate in the 6th Annual Re-Purposed Doodad Sculpture Contest

Allegro located in Hyde Park was asked again this year to participate in the 2017 Annual Re-Purposed Doodad Sculpture Contest.  Hillsborough County Public Schools is partnering with the Tampa Regional Artists to provide students with the opportunity to re-purpose otherwise discarded objects.

This year’s theme gives students a choice between three categories: The History of Tampa, United States History, or Firefighters as Heroes. This year’s venue will be held at The Tampa Firefighters Museum.

The students, along with Allegro residents, will be utilizing their imaginations while transforming used campaign posters and signage into something unique and theme appropriate.  Allegro will use the Tampa History theme for their creation. Hyde Park Architects are cordially advising their team on this project.  This approach highlights the tight-knit sense of community in Hyde Park.

The DooDad competition began in 2011 when plastic street globes from the senior living community were going to be discarded but instead were transformed into creative sculptures by local Tampa students. They are the only senior living community featured and asked to participate in this prestigious event.  The items will be judged on …
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